Gerber Bear Grylls Grandfather Knife – Review

Sometimes we just wish that we could wind the clock back a little bit and go back to the times when things were a little simpler. We did not have a lot of technology and had to rely a lot on instinct and real skill. This is what a lot of companies are trying to put back into their products.

A retro look for most of the products to try and bring those nostalgic feelings their potential customer’s way of thinking. However when we get down to the nuts and bolts of things the difference between new retro products and old ones is … durability! Retro products may look exactly like how they did back in the day and can really bring back those old memories.

We are seeing it work all across the board with a whole bunch of products. However, they share the limited lifespan of all new products. I am not going to give a full lecture on how much consumerism has taken over modern society.

I just think that as exciting as it is to feel you turned back time that feeling backfires when what you bought breaks in two seconds because it is made from cheap materials. This thought had me tossing and turning over one particular product.

About The Product

The Gerber Bear Grylls Grandfather Knife. I know that it seems like a huge publicity stunt from the guys over at Gerber, but I tried out another knife from that collection. Only to find out it worked extremely well. With this knife, they went with an old-school look. Supposedly inspired by a knife that had been in Bear Grylls’ family for generations. Be that true or not this version comes with a 2.75-inch long blade which is not bad at all for a pocket knife.

Also, it includes all of the classics bottle opener, corkscrew, a flat driver, and Phillips driver. Great for quick fixes around the house or even a night out on the town with a couple of beers and bottles of wine. Of course, doing all of this with a touch of style. It is 3.75 inches long when closed and weighs around 3.5 ounces.

It has great dimensions for a pocket knife in general, and overall it is not too bulky to actually carry around in your pocket. It includes a rubber grip that not only contributes some style points but actually makes it comfortable to use. Just based on what I listed alone it would same like a great buy, yet some people would say otherwise.

Product Details

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    Stainless steel Bear Grylls badge
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    The knife's 7 components include a fine edge blade, flat driver, Phillips driver, corkscrew, bottle opener, file and lanyard ring
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    Blade length: 2.75-Inch, Closed length: 3.75-Inch
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    Closed knife is only slightly bigger than a disposable lighter

Are Performance and Durability an Issue?

So I did some digging on this pocket knife and found some mixed reviews online. On one hand, there are those who really rave about their knife. It is sharp and all of the handy tools it comes with really make it a must-have. The weight is not a big factor people actually admit to keeping it in their keychain.

I don’t entirely recommend that sometimes, because while it makes it a bit easier to carry when you use it you have to either take it off the key ring or use it with all the keys hanging out. Taking it out of the key ring too often can cause the key ring to wear down.

Not to mention doing so is quite uncomfortable in my opinion. This brings me to my next point. If that is uncomfortable for you then having to dig your nails into the tools to pull them out will too. That is the main knock on this pocket knife. I actually thought that it would be more along the lines of a dull blade or something like that. Not to diminish the importance of this issue, but I think it takes some getting used to and loosening up.

Knowing that I was almost ready to make the purchase, but I still needed to make sure that this was a durable product. Honestly scrolling through reviews on various sites even the biggest haters did not have comments about this knife falling completely apart. That is always a great plus for these types of products. Here is to hoping mine doesn’t break apart and I have to edit this whole review.

Small Low Price No Brainer

After looking at many reviews and really getting a feel for the knife myself I really don’t see why this would not be a smart buy. It has a great price to quality ratio in my book. It isn't bulky, and with its 2.25-inch blade, you are well inside the legal limit so it won’t cause you any trouble to carry it around. That is sadly a big deal with the way things are these days. It’s durable and it has decent performance. I guess for some people it may be a little too heavy, it’s still really hard for me to wrap my head around that since I did not feel that at all. I actually initially thought it might be even a little too small for some people.

Also, I think it is great that it is one of those products. These days many companies want to load their pocket knives with a whole bunch of useless features like mini screwdrivers, scissors and bottle openers. The CRKT Squid Folding Pocket Knife is only a knife and it cuts plain and simple. If anything I’d have to agree with a review I read Squid is a strange name for a knife.

Is One Issue Enough To Not Make A Purchase?

When we buy something we are typically looking for a product that is able to check all the boxes so to speak. For those of us who are really into things like knives and tools, there are just so many options and possibilities out there. Some will seem to fit better in some regards than others. At least in the time I’ve been searching, I have found very good and useful tools.

Not the holy grail of tools that is going to solve all of your problems. In making a case for the Gerber Bear Grylls Grandfather Knife it is something that you could carry around and have certain uses for it. Honestly, I use it more at home than outdoors. Especially dinner nights where I am opening up beer and wine. I have used for some time now and it still works great. Is it more of a novelty product than work tool?

That really depends on what your real needs for a product like this one are. I would say my use is more as a novelty product because I have other tougher tools that take care of bigger jobs. However, if you are looking for a handy tool to carry around I think it can totally serve that purpose. There are very few tools in that price range that I could honestly say that about. So if the price is your main concern I’d say you are getting a good deal for this pocket knife at the 16.84 price it currently stands in.

That though is just my own opinion if you need more than that to go on to be able to make your final decision I suggest you visit the product’s site and get to reading more reviews and in-depth characteristics!

Our Rating

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