Gerber Bear Grylls Survival AO Knife, Assisted Opening, Drop Point – Review

Right around the holiday season, I remember all of the kid-oriented channels would air hours upon hours of toy commercials. My favorite commercials were the ones with the action figures. You could buy a new Batman or max steel toy kit that came with a car and whole bunch of features. In the commercials, however, the toys seemed to fly through the air effortlessly. Pulling off all of these cool stunts.

The toys themselves looked like they were made with the highest quality of materials. You couldn’t wait for the holidays to arrive so you could bring these toys home. When you finally get them though let's just say that they were not every bit as advertised. You really felt that your parents actually went out and bought the bootleg version of them. As adults even if we don’t fully realize it, we still have certain fears left behind from our kid days. 

Especially when we are shopping online. Who hasn’t been stumped on an online purchase? These days most online stores cover your money from scams like these.

However, it is a really sad feeling to receive the wrong product after all of the expectation you had built up for it. Even worst is to be fooled by well-taken pictures and realize you bought something totally different.

About The Product

It seems that this been happening to some people that bought the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival AO Knife. Before we get to all of that I have to point out that this knife also has a huge upside. I am particularly a fan of the Bear Grylls line by Gerber after actually starting out as a huge doubter. So I had a look at this knife. It is a knife with a total length of 7.4 inches. A 3 inch partly serrated blade.

The classic rubber handle that makes many of the other knives in this line stand out for their great grip. It has a pocket clip and a double lock system. In the advertising video, they actually take great pride in the multiple safety features that the knife has. 

It kind of goes out in a wash, though, when you read the review of a guy who cut his finger because the blade lock malfunctioned only to fall back into his hand. In any case that does prove that it has a very shape blade.

We will get to the faulty parts later. For a 7 plus inch blade, a weight of 3 ounces is quite good. Especially with an awesome grip so it has maneuverability going for it. Again it has dual thumb studs for one hand spring assisted opening.

Which Side Should We Take?

As I said before I am a fan of the Gerber Bear Grylls line. However, as far as polarizing reviews I probably have seen few products that really can be qualified as a love it or hate or product. This obviously is one of them. There are issues with durability. Many users claiming that the knife’s screws became loose and it literally fell apart. This caused one customer to even injure himself as I previously pointed out. Obviously, this should just throw a huge red flag out there.

Then I read a review about a person who received this knife without a serrated blade. First off I want to say in this day and age if you get a product in the mail that isn’t what you wanted, especially through Amazon, return it! If it is not packaged like it is supposed to return it as well!

Even if you just bought it for a couple of bucks. With products that could potentially cause serious injury like well, knives! There is no reason to take the risk. So after reading that review, I went to look at the seller options. There is no logical explanation as to why the price of the same product can vary from 21 to 69 dollars. At least that is my opinion. There are people out there that acknowledge that they had an issue with the screws and the knife itself being stiff when first arriving. In spite of that, they still give a 5-star grade as it fills all of their potential needs.

Which essentially means that some knives may need some extra work on your part to keep them working properly. That is not the worst thing in the world, but then again it depends on how much you like really getting your hands dirty.

Maybe More of A Pain Than A Solution?

I hate to talk like this about a knife in this line which I have previously praised, but there is no way around its multiple issues. Even so, if you feel this knife can check out all of the boxes of what you need done and don’t mind putting in some work yourself on it. Like tightening screws lubing up the spring assisted system, and so on. Then go ahead and make the purchase. Just make sure that you chose a verified seller.

Apparently, there are people or companies out there selling this product improperly packaged and with missing features. Yeah, I know that isn’t the most comforting feeling. For me, there are just too many red flags in the way of possibly getting a decent product. Maybe that is precisely the issue. For me, this is a decent product at best when fully working properly. Not the holy grail of tools that is worth taking a huge chance on.


 I typically come to the conclusion that it is ultimately all about fit. Although this product has a number of very public issues it still has a 60% 5-star rating on Amazon. So I could not just totally deny that it may be doing something right. In my view, the risk is just too high. If on the contrary you really thought it was a good product and want to give it a shot, or you need more information before you can make an assessment. Go right ahead! Visit the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival AO Knife product page at Amazon.

Our Rating

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