Gerber Hinderer Rescue Knife Review

When I was younger, I was used to having many multi-functional pocket knives that supposedly could help you get out of an emergency situation. Thank God I never got into an emergency situation with them on because they literally would have been of little to no help. There are a whole bunch of these tools still out there. The truth about them is that you are lucky enough if the blade actually cuts.

All the rest of the “features” are add-ons for show that I would not recommend even trying to use. After very disappointing results I actually wondered if there where multi-purpose knives out there that actually worked. I imagined military personnel and law enforcement folks had access to such tools. However, I did not know if they were actually for sale to the general public. That was when I came across the Gerber Hinderer Rescue Knife. It basically has all the same features that all of those other rescue knives have, but these actually work.

About The Product

To be honest I think and hope that 99.9% of us have not been in a life and death situation that required immediate help. Like a fire or a horrific car accident. However, we all do have certain everyday needs that we can take care of with a tool like this. For instance, this knife includes a safety hook cutter for webbing, clothing and seat belts among other things.

Hopefully, you won’t have to use it in the toughest of circumstances, but those of you who have little kids know this. When you are out on a camping trip, they can get stuck with branches or get their clothes stuck. And most of the times we try to get them out by pulling. With this knife, you can cut them loose and prevent them from getting further injuries and overall discomfort. Also, you can keep it as a kind of insurance policy in your car barring any situation in which you might need it.

It even includes an oxygen tank valve opener. This could be ideal for diving and extreme emergency situations. Maybe the biggest and only if I find with this knife might be the weight. It weighs 12 ounces which is essentially 2 smartphones worths of weight these days. That might not seem like much, however, a lot of knives were categorized as heavy at half that weight.

Key Features

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    Safety hook cutter for webbing a clothing, seat belts
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    Includes 9-piece tool kit for added features
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    Oversized thumb stud and external blade release for easy operation
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    Window punch and oxygen tank valve opener
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    Sharp 3.5-inch serrated blade

A Multipurpose Knife That Actually Works As Such

I usually like to talk about what other people are saying about a product and focus on the wrongs. When it comes to this product, I really believe that the bad aspects are more base on personal prejudice. People tend to have a problem when companies go overseas to assemble their products. With this knife, it has some Chinese and Taiwanese labor in it. As far as I understand the essential materials are still made in the USA.

I can understand why people felt that a China assembled knife was not worth over 120 dollars. So it was overpriced, but no they have put the price at only $66.59. I would be totally pissed off I had bought it at 130. However, that has nothing to do with performance. As far as performance this knife is great! There are actually multiple reviews out there from firemen and law enforcement professionals who claim that this is their everyday knife. I think that says a lot about the durability of not only the blade but the rescue features.

If it is good for them that really on it to work properly day in and day out I would guess it would be perfect for the rest of us who won’t be using it as much. Maybe the biggest issue is that if you are not rescuing people every day out there this might actually be too heavy for your everyday use. Even so, it would still make a great break in case of an emergency tool. So it is something that virtually anyone could use.

At This Price, This Is A Go Out And Buy Now

I usually don’t fall in love at first sight and don’t give really direct recommendations. However, I am willing to make an exception here. This tool works great especially the safety features. They are not an only one use and throw away type of deal like with many other knives that claim to be rescue oriented. This is actually an everyday use tool that is out there right now saving lives. I understand at its original price it might have been a steep climb for a lot of people.

However, at half its original price, it's even worth it if you just plan to stick it in your car and hope to never use it. It’s one of those tools that you could regret not having at your disposal if the situation presents itself. I know that may seem a little harsh, but paying 60+ only one time for an insurance policy is not bad.

Also, the blade is also very sharp and at 3.5 inches long a very decent cutting surface for any need that could pop up. Essentially this is one of the few tools that can be used in both suburban and rural lifestyles. In both cases, people would get their money’s worth, especially at this new price. 

Final Thoughts

Sometimes when I get to do these reviews I feel like a judge on American Idol or something. However, the reality is that I am not at all like that. In tools, you have the final say as the buyer. That is why I always recommend that you go out and look for more opinions. In this case, you can find more user reviews and information on the Gerber Hinderer Rescue Knife at its Amazon page!

Source: BladeHQ

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