Gerber LMF II Survival Knife – Review

In today’s world, we are just bombarded by information from everywhere. Even though we actually watch less television on average than 10 years ago. Today we probably see more ads than ever before. Whether it be on social media, in search engines, the streets. It seems we can never escape it.

The worst part is people are not being that creative. Everyone says they have the best product out there made from the top of the line materials. Essentially you are going to break down before it does. Most of this stuff honestly isn’t true. The saddest part is we are spending a whole bunch of time and money on trying to find decent products from a whole pool filled with gimmicks.

When it comes to tools, I can’t begin to count how many times I have read the tag military grade product attached to a china made novelty. So when I came to yet another Gerber knife that was being endorsed by a former Navy Seal I did not know what to expect! Gerber has constantly outdone themselves with a number of products both in a good and a bad way. So I proceeded with caution, but I still had to take a look.

About The Product

The Gerber LMF II Survival Knife seemed to actually fit the tag on the first site. Supposedly made originally designed to free an aircrew from a downed aircraft. I cannot really verify they work in these situations. In other circumstances though I have seen it get the job done. It has a blade length of 4.84 inches.

Drop point blade and serrated section. At 4.8 inches there is no issue for getting clean cuts from the drop point blade section, as well as, cutting rope and other materials with the serrated section. It has an overall length of 10 inches, so it is really a pretty big tool. It has a Pointed stainless steel butt cap that can really help in different situations. Like breaking glass from cars and other instances where someone might be trapped. You can also cut wire without the fear of being electrocuted. With the glass-filled nylon with TPV handle that allows you to feel safer when near electricity. Overall in my book, it is looking like a real military grade product.

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    Originally designed to free an aircrew from a downed aircraft
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    Sheath Material: Ballistic nylon with fire retardant coating
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    Tough enough to cut through the fuselage of an aircraft
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    A purposeful break between the tang and the butt cap, providing insulated protection
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    Absorbs Shocks From Hammering

What Other Say

So we still have certain issues to get to before I can actually say this is a slam dunk product! However, I have to get this out there. This product has over one thousand two hundred reviews. With a 4.7 out of 5 overall rating. That is basically impossible to do these days. The issues that have “plagued” this product haven’t been many, but lack of sharpness might be an issue.

The real problem I see though is that the first buying option for this product is a used knife. I haven’t seen that often when it comes to knives actually. So people are actually buying used products thinking that they are new. If you plan on buying this product you really have to make sure you are buying a new product. Other than that even if the new knife comes dull you can actually sharpen the knife and be just fine.

This is something I also have to point out! There is someone out there who claims that he has hunted 9+ foot alligators with this knife. I do not recommend going out there and trying to hunt alligators of any sort, but just the fact that it can get the job done says a lot. It is virtually the only knife out there with which you can consistently cut wires and not have an issue with being electrocuted. It is a real heavy duty knife from a company that is accustomed to making high-quality products.

Just a side note this is an American made product. There were some rumors out there that people got knives that said made in China. This might be an issue of the used knives that are out there. If you plan on buying really stay away from the used knives.

Is It A Slam Dunk Product?

Let’s get one thing straight. When it comes to performance, there is really not that many knocks on this knife. It works great when fully sharpened. If it ever becomes dull, be sure to sharpen it up. Also, this is an 80-dollar knife. If you are paying less than that you are probably getting a used version, or just simply another knife. In this case, you really have to be careful I don’t exactly know why Amazon has this issue with this knife in particular.

If you look at it from the bright side of things, there are very few knives out there that have a decent resale value! The fact that this knife can be used and resold at a frankly hefty price for a used product and still have widely positive ratings is amazing. The only real knock I would have on its performance is that it is a little bulky compared to typical pocket knives. This knife does have the whole look of a utility army knife. It does come with a case, but it is one of those that you have to attach to your leg for combat use.

I typically don’t like dressing up like Rambo for a casual hunting or fishing trip. I would rather have it around my waste. So I was able to adapt it to another pouch that I could carry around my waist. So ultimately no big issue there. All in all over the top performance really. 


 I am really enamored with this knife. So maybe now more than with other products I would recommend giving it a good look before you buy. There is that used issue you need to keep in mind and also finding a trusted seller. For more info don’t hesitate to visit it’s Amazon site!

Our Rating

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