Gerber Remix Tactical Knife – Review

One of the biggest problems a company typically has when making too many types of basically the same product is that eventually, one might turn out bad. When it comes to knives, there are a couple of companies out there that basically own the whole market. One of them being Gerber. Typically I would not give Gerber a bad review or say negative things about the brand.

Quite the contrary when you buy a Gerber knife you know that you are getting at least a tool that was made with top of the line materials. However, they have such a wide variety of knives that they sometimes make adjustments that I would not deem that necessary. This makes the possible market for these types of products become smaller and smaller.

At least that's what I have seen happening. It is a big gamble to try and make everyone happy, but it does not always pay off! Some knives just end up having features that take away from the great potential they may have. Then again like I always say tools are mainly about finding a good fit. So maybe I am wrong here, but knowing knives I am thinking I am probably right.

About The Product

The knife in question is the Gerber Remix Tactical Knife. I really hate the idea that this knife might not be all that it's advertised. But here we go this knife is supposedly only 2.88 ounces in weight. This would put it right up there with some of the most maneuverable knives out there. When you read more into it, it might weigh a little bit more than 4 ounces.

That is an issue for me because you don’t know what to really believe. It does, however, have a 3-inch blade. The grip could be a benefit or a curse. Some people will love the Circular ring on the handle. You can hold the knife horizontally almost like a brass knuckles type grip.

Maybe the biggest issue is that this type of grip is a lot better for self-defense purposes not much for cutting. Plus it has a one hand easy opening system. Many knives say they have a one hand opening system, but don’t follow through, in this case, it is very real. One of the biggest features that this knife has going for it is the pocket clip. Essentially you could also use the circular ring in a touch keychain if you wanted to go that way. So it is one of the easiest knives to carry around in its price range and performance level.

  • check
    Slim, lightweight handle
  • check
    Blade Length: 3.0"
  • check
    Lock Type: Liner lock
  • check
    Weight: 4.6 oz
  • check
    Steel Type: 7Cr17MoV
  • check
    Ambidextrous thumb

What’s The Word Online

I really think that every time you want to make an online purchase you should spend some time reading the reviews. Especially the most neutral ones that can give you a good overview of the whole product. In the case of the Gerber Remix Tactical Knife, there are very polarizing views by the customers. Some customers flat out rate this as the worst Gerber knife out there. I know that I did not want to become extremely critical of this product, but it is hard to ignore that there are a couple of bad reviews on this product.

In general, the feeling is that it was a well-intended product that is just not that well manufactured. Typically people criticize these brands when they decide to manufacture their products in China. I try to usually defend brands that go this route because it typically makes for a more affordable product. In this case, it seems that we are getting a lower quality product sadly. However, I do think that it might be a good novelty product for law enforcement officers. It is really decent at cutting through seat belts and even cushions for search reasons.

Is This Really A Low-Quality Product?

After looking over reviews and testing the product myself for a while I have come to a couple of conclusions. All in all, it is not the worst knife I’ve had by any means. The main issue that I’ve seen is that we have come to expect a certain standard from Gerber products, and this knife just doesn’t seem to meet them. That being said it doesn’t mean that this knife can’t turn into a serviceable tool. In that price range, from 30 to 20 dollars, you can find a couple of tools that can help you out.

However, most of the tools in that range have similar pros and cons. So this might be a case of you find a tool that fits your personal needs at a reasonable price. Even if you are not getting a top of the line product. As I said before I think this knife could be great for some law enforcement officials. You can use it basically in the same capacity as a pocket knife that has great maneuverability. Which is great for police officers since it can be a great asset to compliment their given toolset.


 In tools like these where I really have some very clear negative vibes, I always recommend that you get a chance to do your own research. Because you never know maybe this is one of those products that simply fits your needs and you can use this as an everyday tool.

With a 3-inch blade, it is one of the most powerful looking pocket options out there. Also if you are looking for a blade that can actually act as a personal defense asset, this might be something you might want to add to your arsenal. It does come sharp regardless of the negatives that it may contain. So essentially it does cut without a problem. In my view, the grip is difficult to get used to, however, if you can make it fit you go right ahead. For more information and reviews on this product be sure to visit its Amazon page.

Our Rating

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