Gerber Swagger Knife, Assisted Opening – Review

Keep it short and sweet. Those were the instructions my parents gave about talking to adults when I was little. Now as an adult I believe they still apply in a lot of conversations and overall aspects of life. For instance my time at the mall or any given store I try to keep short and sweet.

My time with the in-laws, things if that nature you get the picture. I am not a sweet kid anymore so the phrase has now morphed into quick and effective. That is how I try and go about most of my business. Not to be a rude person, but the reality in today’s world is that time cost money.

So I try to spend my time doing things that make me money not spend it. As you can imagine I get really frustrated when I can’t get things done in a timely manner. Especially when the issue is a lack of the right tools or materials to get a job done. 

This lead to me going on a search for a tool that I could have on me 24/7 would be versatile, ultimately save me time and preferably I wouldn’t have to break the bank for it.  

About The Product

So I did some online shopping, (Yes no malls!), and found the Gerber Swagger Knife, Assisted Opening. I have had a couple of Gerber knives before and given them away in odd circumstances, but I knew of the quality. To be honest what most surprised me was finding a Gerber knife in under 30 dollars. Later I would find cheaper ones, but I figured this would be a mid-range quality knife at a mid-range price which could be just what I needed.

  • check
    3.5¨ Blade Length
  • check
    Plunge Lock
  • check
    Blade Material: 7Cr17MoV
  • check
    2Cr13 steel Bladelock handle
  • check
    Handle Material: G-10
  • check
    Overall Length: 7.5"

It has a 3.5-inch blade length a drop point blade with a partially serrated section. A perfect dual-purpose feature for cutting things like rope with the serrated section and then really being able to chop with the straighter part. It opens up to a 7.5 inch length when fully extended. Decent length and really slim weight at 2.8 ounces. This works magic for its maneuverability. Like virtually all of the folded knives, it has a thumb stud that supposedly works wonders for one hand opening.

This might still be an issue for some. It has a plunge lock system only not the super hyper-advanced systems some knives claim to have. Which wasn’t a big deal for me as long as it locked when using as well as when folded. It does so so no big deal. The cold water though and what scared people away from this knife is it is made in China. Gerber usually get a bunch of backlash for this. This knife wasn’t the exception.

What Other Say

People still tend to hate on Gerber for producing knives made in China. I rather applaud the move and here is why: They are able to make decent quality knives at half the price of American made and assembled knives, so they can expand into a bigger market. If you find yourself just not being able to stand the fact that this is a made in China product or just don’t like the performance or quality no problem. Go out and buy an American made knife.

​I know that I stated in the beginning that I was looking for something that would make a quick and easy fix. Judging from the reviews, you would definitely think that this ended up being more a hassle than a fix. I totally get that, but hear me out. Most of the knives in this price range will have similar issues without the performance. That is why I stated previously that if you wanted a better tool it is just simply going to cost more. This is a tool that performance wise can compete with the top knives.

What’s the catch? It’s like one of those injury prone players in sports. When healthy he can play with the best of them. However, the issue is that he might not be 100% healthy. The difference is that for sports teams there are no money back guarantees. I think that this is actually a knife that people could take a risk on. For 65% of 430 people, the product was a great add or at least a decent one. 

This is where we can go back to why people hate on Chinese products. They are like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get! That is why I call this knife a risk. It is, however, a calculated risk in my book!

Do its Problems Have An Easy Fix?

After looking at many reviews and really getting a feel for the knife myself I really don’t see why this would not be a smart buy. It has a great price to quality ratio in my book. It isn't bulky, and with its 2.25-inch blade, you are well inside the legal limit so it won’t cause you any trouble to carry it around. That is sadly a big deal with the way things are these days. It’s durable and it has decent performance. I guess for some people it may be a little too heavy, it’s still really hard for me to wrap my head around that since I did not feel that at all. I actually initially thought it might be even a little too small for some people.

Also, I think it is great that it is one of those products. These days many companies want to load their pocket knives with a whole bunch of useless features like mini screwdrivers, scissors and bottle openers. The CRKT Squid Folding Pocket Knife is only a knife and it cuts plain and simple. If anything I’d have to agree with a review I read Squid is a strange name for a knife.


 I apologize in advance for not providing a comforting and reassuring review. I honestly try to be as fair and real as I can. Of course, I understand that you will be the one eventually putting the money down, and I don’t want to feel solely responsible for influencing your decision. So I strongly suggest you check out the Gerber Swagger Knife on Amazon and get a better feel for the knife. There is a great promotional video that could potentially calm your nerves on this knife!

Our Rating

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